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LESCO Online Bills:

If we say that we understand your problem, it will not be annoying. You clicked this page because you want to check your LESCO Bill at your home, office or anywhere through using your internet browsing. You are going right because you chose to check your bills through an advanced option in this advanced world. As the world progresses, every system has been advanced to fulfill human requirements. In this reference, we are providing you this page, so that you easily check your bills online without any tension and hard work and it is also a requirement of this latest world. So, it’s time to goodbye all your worries.

Bill Distribution System:

Lahore electric company has its own bill distribution department, which works properly for distribution bills monthly on time. This system uses the home to home bill distribution system. This company has its own transport system to distribute bills. A proper chain is established by this company to achieve this big target every month. Sometimes, bills are distributing to any main grocery shop an any town or colony, and every customer concern that shop to get the bill, but this system is useful for the customers.

Online Lesco Bill Check

Aim of the Company:

The main aim of this company is to giving ease to its customers, so has its own well distribution system. The need for these facilities is due to satisfy the customers.

Why Online Billing?

If you think that why online billing became a necessary and useful part of our life and why you are browsing these pages. We are going to clarify your thoughts, some reasons are the cause of online billing, which are given as;

Latest World:

We know that this world became advanced and continuously improving our living standards and simultaneously making addicts of these advanced facilities. So, if there are many other facilities introduced for improving the living standards of mankind, online billing also a big achievement which makes our lives easier.

Busy Routine:

At this time, we are trying to make life easier and working day and night to fulfill our needs like children study expenditures, house needs and many more. And in this busy routine, we have no time to do harder works which now have some easy alternate options, like this the Online Billing system.

Human Negligence:

Now, people became busier and have a hard time because of busy schedules and in this way, every month paying bills to any shop looks much harder and due to this they often misplace their bills. Here the need for online billing becomes more important.

Poor Distribution System:

Sometimes, the bill distribution department does not do their work properly due to some technical problems and fails to depart the bills to their respective customers on time and customers need to get duplicate bills.

Dishonest workers:

Sometimes, the distribution system works properly but the distributor doesn’t do their duties honestly and doesn’t distribute the bills.

How to get the duplicate bill?

For getting you duplicate bill you should know some easy steps:

You should have an old paper or at least you should know customer reference number.

Now question is that;

Where will be the reference number?

Every electric meter assigned a certain reference number, which is printed on the bill. It is simply as your mobile phone number which is required to get the bill online.

If this is kind of difficult for your then you simply follow these steps which will help for getting your bill reference number. First, hold your old bill in front of you then check top left column having some digits, this is your reference number.

One you got your reference number then put it in search box and click ok/yes/search and get the bill instantly without any late.

LESCO Consumers:

For the identification of consumers, LESCO nominates every customer against an I.d. number. It is the actual importance for the customer because by entering these id customers can find his or her electricity bill online. Additionally, the consumer can view the tariff of his/her bill. Customers can also introduce himself or herself to the representative of Lahore electricity bill Company. The customer can LESCO bill check online, by using this id on the LESCO helpline. It can also be check by WAPDA online bill service. As well as LESCO duplicate bill can be check using the same given id. If the customer not finding his or her LESCO bill Bijli or in case of a missing bill. LESCO customers can pay the online bills by using this id number.

What is LESCO?

LESCO (Lahore Electric supply company). An electric company that supplies the electricity to Lahore city and neighborhood towns and colonies that are in contact with Lahore.

History and First Few Years of Development:


WAPDA (Water and Power Development Authority)was created in 1958 is only the major electric supply service in this country. This electric company formerly was under the supervision of different agencies as a local area distributor. With the main aim of development of water and power resources, this company is working.

The Need for LESCO:

This company was working under different agencies and then due to dramatic changes in the world environment and structure was changed. it has been suffering in many crises in the past. These crises are economic problems, terrorism, internal problems, and power struggles. The problem of energy shortages is extremely important in the country.Then this sector changed from monopoly to privatization, from integration to disintegration. In 1994, a plan was developed as a consequence of power wing of WAPDA and distributed in twelve (12) different companies the aim of which was generation, transmission and distribution of electric power to their customers. And the one of these was LESCO which was started from 1998 with the aim of privatization and commercialization.

Area covered by LESCO:

LESCO covered the area of the entire Lahore, Okara, Kasur, and Sheikhupura.

Organizational Set-Up of LESCO;

  • North Lahore Circle         5 Divisions / 28 Sub Divisions
  • Eastern Lahore Circle      4 Divisions / 23 Sub Divisions
  • South-Eastern LHR Circle              4 Divisions /26 Sub Divisions
  • Central Lahore Circle      5 Divisions / 31 Sub Divisions
  • Okara Circle        4 Divisions / 23 Sub Divisions
  • Sheikhupura Circle          4 Divisions / 18 Sub Divisions
  • Nankana Circle  4 Divisions / 16 Sub Divisions
  • Kasur Circle         5 Divisions / 30 Sub Divisions
  • G.S.O. Circle       3 Divisions
  • Project Construction Circle          6 Divisions


The main Headquartersof LESCO is in Lahore. In order to visit there, please note the address.

Address: 22/A Queens Road, Lahore Punjab.

Directions of the main Headquarters and offices are present on Google Maps. if anyone wants to visit there. Please following the directions. For directions just write, LESCO Headquarters, in the Google map search box. You will get all the possible shortest direction.

LESCO also providing the contact number through which anyone can complain about any issue. For example, any line breakage, transformer problems, load problems, etc.

LESCO Complaint Phone Number is: +923200522231

How They Response on Your Complaint?

If there’s an issue with your electricity just give a buzz on the given number and the company will send a specified team at your doorstep, which will fix any relevant electrical problems free of cost. In this latest world, you can also visit the LESCO official website www.lesco.gov.pk and post any issue or complaint.If anyone wants to register any complaint or issue about electricity, please call before 5 PM, so, in this way, they

LESCO Working Timetable:

Just like any other company’s corporate office, LESCO workers also work for only office Hours (8 Hours a Day) which results in only forty-eight (48) Hours a week. The reason for this schedule is because of no holiday on Saturday to any workers and the office timing is also like another company’s office from 9 AM to 5 PM.

Because they are government workers, so they hurry to leave the office precisely at 5 PM. If anyone wants to register any complaint or issue about electricity, please call before 5 PM, so, in this way, they couldn’t refuse your request.


In the previous months, the newly imported system of electricity meters is inaugurated here. Now, the improved digital meters are being installed throughout the city under the supervision of LESCO for the benefit of LESCO customers so that the LESCO meter reader does not find any problem while taking readings and the complete detail about a meter is available against its LESCO consumer id and the customer may cheek detail about tariff and taxes which he or she is paying to WAPDA via LESCO whenever he/she want.

Pay LESCO Bill Online:

We know that this world has progressed and continuously improved our standard of living while also depending on these advanced objects. So, while there are many other benefits to improving the standard of living for humanity, online billing is also a great achievement that makes our lives easier.

So, if anyone doesn’t want to go out on a shop a franchise an and wants to pay Lesco bill online, then don’t worry, our website brought an easy process of online billing, quickly pay your LESCO bill online via different methods like online banking, EasyPaisa, Upaisa,  JazzCash, and Alpha App.


It is recommended that please pay via your EasyPaisa account or app because Telenor microfinance company is offering the substantial cash-backs on paying bills through their services, so, not only pay the bills but also be saving the money, you can use any method for paying your LESCO bill, you have all above-quoted options, so chose that option which more convenient for you.

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